Master Tank (Stainless Steel)

For Developer, Rinser, Fixer & Finalwash.

Sizes: L x W x H

17" x 18" x 22 1/2" (2+2+2+5)

20" x 18" x 22 1/2" (3+3+3+5)

31" x 18" x 22 1/2" (5+5+5+10)


Clip Type Film Hangers: (Stainless steel)

Available in all inches and cm. sizes. New clip points specially designed to grip film firmly.



X-ray Film Developing tanks: (Stainless Steel)

Capacity 9.0, 13.50, 22.5, 45.0 ltrs.

Capable of processing X-ray films upto 14" x 17" size.

Lids for tank is option.


Dark Room Safe Light


Dark Room Safe Lamp is an ideal & necessary processing room accessory to give plenty of safe light to ensure freedom from eye strain.

Size 8" x 10"

X ray Chest Stand


Adjust to hold any cassette upto 14" x 17" allmounted: easily mounted to wall.

Floor Model: Base counter balanced chest stand

Product code BK - 7036 & BK - 7037




Used for keeping X-rays from scattering while performing x-ray diagnosis or treatment.

Available single and three leaf. Lead Equivalent

1.00mm with glass window 7" x 7". Height 6' and width 3' on castors.

Dimension single leaf: 6'x3'

Three leafs: 6'x3' side panel, 6'x1 1/2"


Corner Connected X-ray Cassettes - Push Lock & Bar type:

Medical X-ray Cassettes for Radiography

Cm. & Special sizes available on request.

Modern Design improving image quality with light weight aluminium frames and boards. non-metallic construction of four strong corner, easy locking soft push buttons; stainless steel plate springs keeps a permanent tension.

Perfect grade foam on the back board for best film contrast which can easily be replaceable.

The lead sheet on the back board to eliminate for phenomenon of x-ray film. Cassettes are available in a variety of sizes to suit all kinds of requirements.

X-ray Miscellenous Appratus

  1. Dental film Hanger
  2. Film Drying Rack
  3. Drying Clips Mini & Big
  4. Plastic Engraving & Plain Lead Letters
  5. Thyroid Collar
  6. Ovaries Shield

X-ray Film Viewing Boxes:

The View Boes designed to reduce glare and excessive heat is provided with uniform illumination.

Other feature include ventilation for cooling, a drip tray for wet films. Available in single double and four film viewing boxes.

Sizes LDH:

15" x 5" x 25" (Single Film Viewer)

24 1/2" x 5 x 19 1/2" (Double film Viewer)

48 1/2" x 5 x 19 1/2" (Four Film Viewer)


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